Enjoying and Making the Small Things

Hiatus OVER!

OHMYGOODNESS it’s finally back!
A whole new batch of Chickenpants are waiting to make your acquaintance over at http://absolutelysmall.etsy.com .
As for me, I am super nervous. I’ll be huddled over there, drinking too much coffee. See you soon?


Chickenpants Hiatus- nearly over?

In case you missed it (Instagram and Facebook are always the first to get posted, dontchaknow. But we go into more detail here. So there.):
“Well. I don’t know what to say about this new Chickenpants who just popped up. Apparently I can’t stop making them. Making Chickenpants is better than not making Chickenpants. What do you think?”

I’ve been thinking about Chickenpants a lot. A lot a lot. For months. Finally, I decided the only way to know what to do was to make one. Was my worst burnout ever* over?
Yes. Yes it was.
Fun has come back to town, in chicken format!
I have a lot of work to do (and a lot more Chickenpants to make!) to get ready to sell these little cuties again, but I’m excited to do it, which is a great change.

*Oh, did we not talk about this yet? Well, perhaps we will. That’s a story for another post, for sure.


I’m over here!

Hey guys! Just wanted to mention that my main blog, Absolutely Small is still up and going. I have all kinds of plans (Two. Two plans.) for it.
Hope to see you there!


The Chickenpants Hiatus

I was scrambling around on Sunday night, trying to pack up orders, and it was going pretty badly. Everything was disorganized, things were missing, and I was exhausted. And then it dawned on me: hey, I’m moving. In, like, a few weeks. Oh, that is soon. Maybe I should not try to do everything right now.

So: Chickenpants Hiatus! The shop is closing on December 3rd (Monday). I don’t have a re-opening date yet, which is a first for me.
I’ve been thinking for a long time that I need to take a break, and reevaluate Chickenpants stuff. So that’s getting wrapped up into this, too.
Indefinite hiatus!

If there’s anything you had your eye on in the shop, or if you’d like to stock up on gifts, NOW is the time. (Side note: I have a BUNCH of Chickenpants Babies and some pompom headed guys that need to be photographed and added to the shop. Time allowing, I’ll be adding new guys soon.)

In the meantime, I still have the Absolutely Small blog up and running-ish (that’s on hiatus for right now too, more or less), so if you want to keep abreast of what I’m up to, that’s a good spot. I have a bunch of new ideas and plans already. It’s a little crazy, honestly. Hopefully I’ll be sharing new fun things with you soon.

Many thanks to all of you for reading, buying, and basically cheering me on and being amazing!


Six Hundred Chickenpants.

I find myself at somewhat of a loss for words. Six. Hundred. SIX. HUNDRED. Sixhundred?

That’s I’ve made 600 of anything still kind of amazes me.
I feel a little bad that I don’t have more fanfare to throw at this little guy. He’s a wee bit fancier than a normal CP, sure. But he’s not wearing a special outfit. I haven’t put together prize packs. I don’t even have a celebratory sale. There’s kind of a lot going on right now.
On the other hand, I feel like he’s sort of a return to my Chickenpants roots. No fancy outfit. Just chickeny goodness.

You can check him out in the shop if you’re so inclined.

However, next week I’m planning on rolling out some exciting news. Stay tuned! Fanfare will happen!


Patchwork Oakland!

Hello folks! Are you anywhere near Oakland, California? Well, better hop in those cars and get moving. Patchwork Oakland is this Sunday!

What do you call 100+ makers of awesomeness, food trucks and free admission? PATCHWORK OAKLAND! Oh, and yes, the Chickenpants will be there, too. We’ll be trotting out our very new, and very fun, display. Seriously, I want you to see this. It’s kind of hilarious.
There’s going to be so much great stuff to see. And if Patchwork isn’t enough for you, there’s also a farmer’s market going on right outside. Brilliant!
See you Sunday?


Recent Custom Chickenpants

I make a lot of custom Chickenpants. I have this tendency to forget all about them once they’re packed up and shipped off, though. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a peek at two of my recent favorites: Maleficent Chickenpants and Audrey Hepburnpants.
Maleficent Chickenpants
For Maleficent here, I used the most luxurious velvet I could find, and then slashed and burned it to make the ends all ragged. Also, I had to expand my skill set to figure how to spell “Maleficent”.
Audrey Hepburnpants
Audrey here was SO much fun to make, partially because of all the tiny accessories, which we all know I have a weakness for. Fun fact! Tiny poly clay sunglasses are very hard to make!


Annnd we’re back! For the moment.

The last plushie has been made, and the box has been packed. I am finally finished up with my major show preparations for 2012. Yay!
And it just so happens that I have a NEW fancy Chickenpants to show you. Meet Farmer Chickenpants:
Farmer Chickenpants
Although you probably already know him from “Where Food Comes From”.

In other news, everything is utter chaos. I’m not sure how else to explain it up other than bullet points:

  • Everyone is fine.
  • We’re moving somewhere new and exciting.
  • This is good.
  • Except that it’s really, really stressful and moving when you own a house is basically awful, and NOTHING IS CERTAIN. So…we’re moving? Somewhere? At some point?
  • Everyone’s fine!
  • Er, although one of our cars did just get totaled.
  • And apparently, I should have that baby of mine potty trained already. Huh.
  • I am very burned out.
  • On top of that, I have so little time to actually get creative work done in that’s it’s this side of impossible.
  • Everyone’s fine! HA HA HA HA.

And that is why I don’t usually blog about my life. Anyway, I am sort of back. At the very least, I am out from under one giant project. Hooray!


I’m writing this from underneath a mountain of fleece.

Greetings from the Chickenpants/Absolutely Small studio!

It’s that time of year again. The time when the yellow fleece gives way to fleece of every imaginable color. The time when the Chickenpants engines slow way the heck down, and every surface gets covered in the parts of Pompom headed creatures. The time when homemade meals stop being made, more coffee starts getting consumed, and general creative chaos reigns. You know, show season.

As I metaphorically climb a mountain of fleece and yarn, posts will probably slow way the heck down over here. As if the giant project of making dozens of plush creatures wasn’t enough for right now, I’m also taking on ANOTHER huge project that I can’t talk about just yet. More on that later.

Time to get my nose back to the fuzzy grindstone. (Actually, time to get my hand back up inside some half stuffed creature and stuff more polyfill in. Ah, the glamorous life of a plush artist!)


Hey, prints!

Hello lovelies! Super quick post to announce that TODAY I’ve added TWO new prints to the shop:

The Chickenpants Bakery

Just Keep Doing Your Thing
They’re both a larger format than in the past – 8×10. (Although if you’d like to see them in a different size, by all means let me know.)

Hop on over to the shop to check them out!